introducing the fat woody motor-cruiser

Inspired by the woody 'beach cruiser' hotrods of the 1950's, fat woody merges old school 'cool' with high-tech electric bicycle technology. Hand-crafted with rich mahogany and white oak wood veneers, fat woody motor-cruisers are a 'piece of art' on wheels.

At its core, fat woody is a single speed bicycle featuring 'fat tires', which provide a softer spongey-like ride. Unlike a traditional bicycle, fat woody features a lightweight composite body. It's purposeful design provides luxury real estate for features typically not found on bicycles.

Fat woody is a social cruiser designed to offer more than just a relaxing ride. Fat woody provides riders with a unique and entertaining experience. To start with, fat woody includes an on-board bluetooth sound system that surrounds you with stunning sound quality. An easily accessible cradle on the center console provides a perfect home for your smart phone, making it easy to adjust volume or change playlists. It even has a place for your favorite beverage and a cubby to store your stuff!

With its fully integrated 2000w electric drive system, you can effortlessly and quickly zip across town quickly and then pedal down the boardwalk in comfort & style. Best of all, the fun doesn't need to end at dusk. Fat woody features full LED lighting for safe operation after dark.

So, go ahead, take your lifestyle with you.

not just a ride... it's an experience

My goal with fat woody was to create a cruiser that would have a 'vacation-like' feel. Like most people, I like to take my lifestyle with me; my smartphone, music, beverage, wallet & keys.

There is a simplistic beauty to the minimalistic nature of a bicycle. I shuddered at the thought of attaching all sorts of aftermarket ornaments to the frame and handlebars. I asked myself why a bicycle couldn't have a body with places to stash your stuff? The gears in my head started turning. 

Everything about the fat woody cruiser is social. People are drawn to its unique design and beautiful detail. Then there's the name. Fat Woody has a double entendre that makes many snicker. It starts a conversation.

A bicycle is unique from other types of recreational vehicles because it has access to places other vehicles are not allowed. The ability to cruise bike paths around lakes, parks and beach boardwalks opens up a whole new world of 'roads less traveled'.

Fat Woody is an electric motor-cruiser, filling the gap between bicycle and scooter. It allows you to cruise effortlessly discovering whats beyond your neighborhood. Take the paths less traveled. Its about the journey, not the destination.

-  fat woody creator - ken mcneill


Woodys 2.jpg

about fat woody

Fat woody is not mass-produced on a production line off shore. There is no massive assembly plant or venture capitalist behind the brand. There is only the creative energy of artisan and builder Ken McNeill.

Each Fat Woody cruiser is individually handcrafted here in the USA. Because each one is made to order, customers are able to personalize their Fat Woody, choosing custom finish options like body, frame and wheel color. 

The detailed design of each bike represents over 100 hours of skilled labor and delivers a level of artisan craftsmanship that can't be duplicated on a production line. That's what makes them so unique and special to own.

With limited annual production, fat woody's price may not fit into everyone's budget. One thing is for certain, it is an incredible cruiser and will turn heads and spark conversation wherever you go.

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fat woody apparel & accessories

As the creator of fat woody, I am often, lovingly, referred to as a goofball. That said, key pillars of the fat woody brand are humor and fun.  I'm extremely proud of the cruisers I build and I wanted a way to share the fat woody brand with everyone. Through many 'date night' brainstorms with my wife and endless text messages with my family, I have come up with the inaugural offering of t-shirts and hats designed by me. They make me smile and they are meant to make you smile. If you are interested in owning your own little piece of the fat woody brand, I invite you to visit our 'shop'.