old school 'cool' meets high-performance electric bike technology

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Fat Woody is a uniquely hand-crafted motor-cruiser that blends some of the best features of bicycle, scooter and motorcycle. It is the creation of San Diego artisan bicycle builder - Ken McNeill.

At its core, Fat Woody is a single speed 'fat tire' beach cruiser. Unlike a traditional bicycle, Fat Woody features a lightweight fiberglass body that provides luxury real estate for features typically not found on a bicycle.

  • Places for all your stuff - phone, beverage, wallet, keys, sunscreen, etc.

  • Incredible sound system - Bose Bluetooth speaker

  • Optional electric/street packages - lighting, turn signals, horn.

"I wanted to build a beach cruiser that made me feel like I was on vacation every time I rode it. And since I'm typically in board shorts, having a place to put my phone and stuff was an issue. I want to take my lifestyle with me.

Relaxing background music is a huge part of the fat woody experience. Ear buds tend to shut the world out. I want to hear the waves and the seagulls, the sights and the sounds. The music just creates a cool vibe.

Most important, I wanted a beach cruiser that was just that. A beach cruiser. It takes a lot of torque to power through sand, and that’s where Fat Woody leaves other electric bikes in the dust.. so to speak.

Power: 2400 watts and balloon tires allow this cruiser to do 20+ mph down the beach for over 20+ miles. I designed the fiberglass body to keep sand & salt off vital drive components. Even the hardware is stainless steel. The 6” wide fender keep the sand off of all the drive components.

Fat Woody is a true beach cruiser! Take your lifestyle with you.”

- KM


artisan - handcrafted - personalized

Inspired by the woody 'beach cruiser' hotrods of the 1950's, fat woody's smooth fiberglass shell is similar to the feel a surfboard and is finished with automotive quality paint, rich mahogany and white oak wood veneers. 

"I asked myself, why can't a bicycle be incredibly beautiful?  Cars get a cool body. Scooters and motorcycles too. Why does a bicycle have to be so minimalistic?"

I love how people react when they see it.  They stop what they're doing and ask "What is it? It's gorgeous!" The social element is probably my favorite feature.  Every time I ride down the boardwalk, I meet new people.  We snicker at the name 'Fat Woody' and joke about how 'size matters' or 'riding a fat woody is fun'. 

I'm amazed at how a bicycle has made me so many new friends. Priceless! - KM


limited production

Fat woody is not mass-produced on a production line off shore. There is no massive assembly plant or venture capitalist behind the brand.

I have a small but nicely equipped fab/service shop at my home that keeps overhead costs minimal. In addition, I offer at-home/business service to those clients in the So Cal area.

Each cruiser is personalized and built-to-order for the customer. They select the colors and finishes they prefer, so each Fat Woody is unique. No two are alike.

They are limited production as I'm only able to build a few bikes each year. I've no plans to mass produce them as the artisan element is a big part of the Fat Woody appeal.


cost, quality and performance

When I set out to build the Fat Woody cruiser, I didn't give much thought to economics. I simply wanted an incredibly comfortable long-range beach cruiser, so I took a 'no expense spared' approach

Production bike manufacturers have so many state/fed power regulations, the bikes are.. let's say impotent. The truth is, power is essential for torque. Torque is what powers up steep hills. Its what powers through the sand or tall grass in the park. Torque is everything!

To get that torque, you need a high performance 'electric drive system' custom builders use. With a 2400 watt electric drive system, Fat Woody is powerful. The massive 16ah 58v battery is capable of 40+ miles and 28mph.  It could go faster.. but that's fast enough.

Fat Woody is not just another e-bike. It's a 'hot rod' with an incredibly cool  body and the finest finishes and leathers available. 


The detailed design of each bike represents 80-100 hours of artisan craftsmanship that can't easily be duplicated on a production line. Hand crafted and personalized is what makes a Fat Woody so unique and special to own.

With limited annual production, Fat Woody's price may not fit into everyone's budget. The base model starts at $10k and the fully loaded cruiser around $12k.

Simply put, it's a $5k electric super bike with a $5k body & finishes package. One thing is for certain, it's an incredible high-quality cruiser that will turn heads wherever you go.


"who says a bicycle can't be gorgeous?"

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Fat Woody Wagon



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