Troubleshooting - Electric Drive System


Disconnect Brake Activated Throttle Inhibitor

Just below the 12v accessory battery pack is the area where all the bike's modular connectors are located (about 20 or so connectors plugged together). Typically, there is one or two zip-ties wrapped around the bundle to keep the bundle from hitting the switch on the side of the 12v battery (would disable bike).

Carefully remove the zip-ties and locate modular connector 'P11' coming from the motor controller (silver aluminum box).



Warning: When disconnecting modular connectors, never pull on the wires. Depress the locking tab to unlock the connector and pull apart by the plastic connector housing.


Disconnect Modular Connector 'P11'

Disconnect modular connector 'P11' - Brake Activated Throttle Inhibitor

Modular connector 'P11' is a dry contact closure - brake-activated input to the motor controller. It serves to operationally disconnect the throttle and shut down any power flowing to the motor.

Disconnecting this connector ensures that the electric drive system is not operationally disabled by a brake signal, allowing for unencumbered troubleshooting of the electric drive system.

⚠️  Turn the Drive System on.



  • Does disconnecting 'P11' enable the throttle to operate the motor?
Yes - If the Yel/Grn wires on the male side of the 'P11' connector are shorted, and the brake lever is not activated, there may be a problem with 12v relay module or a short in the wiring of this circuit. It should only short (contact closure) when the brake lever is activated. Click here.
No (Abnormal) Continue