Troubleshooting - Check Relay Operation

LED's 1 & 2 not working

Issue: Possible Bad Relay Module

It looks as though the relay module is defective and may need to be replaced. There is one more test that will confirm the module is the problem.

Verify Relay 'Trigger' Input Voltages

  • When the Main Power Switch is operated, +12vdc should be applied at both IN1 and IN2. (LED's 1 & 2 illuminate)

If the voltages are there, then the relay module is bad and should be replaced.




Before removing the relay module, turn off all the power on the e-bike and make careful notes regarding all the wire colors and connection points. I usually take a photo to back that up. Replacement relay module is available here

Troubleshoot Main Power Switch Circuit

If the voltages are not present, there may be an open circuit in the 12vdc power circuit. Refer to 12v accessory wiring diagram to troubleshoot various circuits.