Troubleshooting - 12v Relay Module

Relay Pack - Carefully cut zip-tie and remove plastic cover.

Locate the 12v relay pack. It is the small black plastic box zip-tied to the side of the motor controller (about the size of a deck of cards with wires coming out of it).

Open the Relay Pack

The cover snaps on/off the box, but a zip-tie ensures the cover stays on the box when subjected to vibration while riding. With a pair of wire cutters, carefully cut the zip-tie securing the plastic cover on the box. The plastic box is mounted to the motor controller with double-stick tape, so it should stay in place. 

  • Cut zip-tie & remove plastic box cover.

With key on, check to see if the red PWR LED is illuminated.

Check Relay Module Power Input

The 12v battery pack directly powers this relay module. There are (5) LED's on the relay module. One is red (PWR) and the other (4) are green. Make sure the key is turned on.

  • Is the red PWR LED is illuminated?
Yes - (Normal) Click Here
No - (Abnormal) Click Here