Troubleshooting - Electric Drive System


Service Decision:  Service Shop or Do-it-Yourself?

Okay, its looking like there is an issue with your e-bike that will require some disassembly and internal troubleshooting. If you prefer your local service shop to work on your fat woody, it's time to transport it there. If you're comfortable working on your fat woody yourself and have the proper tools, please continue.

Tools Required:

  • Ratchet w/ Metric Sockets
  • Metric Allen Wrench Set
  • Digital VOM / Multimeter



You may want to consider a Fat Woody bike carrier rack. In addition to helping out in this type situation, it's great to transport your Fat Woody to remote areas you might like to explore. Click here for more information.

Safety Note: Elevate rear wheel when troubleshooting the drive system.

Elevate Rear Wheel

When troubleshooting the drive system, the first thing you always want to do is elevate the rear wheel so the bike doesn't unexpectedly jolt forward.

  • Slide a piece of wood under the cruiser just behind the kickstand. 
  • Lift the rear of the bike by the saddle horn and gently set it on the wood.
  • Ensure the bike is stable. Make adjustments as necessary.

Disassembly Required

Top console reconnected and placed in normal position.

Remove the Left Tank Clam

If you haven't done this procedure before, please visit the 'Disassembly' section of this manual and then return to this point.

Re-Connect Top Console

In order troubleshoot the electric drive system, you'll need to temporarily re-connect the top console so components like the LCD Display and Main Power Switch are operable (with the left clam removed).


⚠️  Warning: Rather than allow the top console to just balance on top, I recommend placing the top console back in its normal position and reinstalling the handlebars. That way things won't fall or get damaged.


Power Up the Electric Drive

Ensure the key switch is turned on (clockwise) and depress the main power switch (far right on top console).

  • Did the LCD Display turn on?
Yes - Sometimes disconnecting and re-connecting a modular connector can fix a problematic connection. If you believe this may have fixed your issue, click here.
No - Continue

Jumper 'P12' Connector

Locate Modular Connector 'P12' - Drive System Power On

Just below the 12v accessory battery pack is the area where all the bike's modular connectors are located (about 20 or so connectors plugged together). Typically, there is one or two zip-ties wrapped around the bundle to keep the bundle from hitting the switch on the side of the 12v battery (would disable bike).

Carefully remove the zip-ties and locate modular connector 'P12' coming from the motor controller (silver aluminum box).


Warning: When disconnecting modular connectors, never pull on the wires. Depress the locking tab to unlock the connector and pull apart by the plastic casing.


Disconnect 'P12' - Jumper Pins 1 & 3

Refer to the 12v accessory wiring diagram. Unplug or disconnect the 'P12' connector. The female side of this plug is what you're looking for, and it's directly connected to the Motor Controller. Jumper (short) pins 1 & 3 with a small piece of wire.

  • Does the LCD Display turn on?
Yes - (Normal) Click Here
No (Abnormal) Click Here