Troubleshooting -  12v Accessory Battery

Toggle Battery Switch

The switch on the side of the battery is also an integral circuit breaker that trips if the battery's 12vdc supply voltage is shorted. Turning the switch off and then on again resets the built-in circuit breaker.

Toggle the switch on the side of the 12v battery pack, ensuring it's in the 'on' position ( 'I' is on ).  


  • Did the RED LED turn on?
Yes - It's possible that this may have been the issue. If the switch was in the off position, the cable assembly may have hit the switch. Make sure the cable assembly is held clear of the switch when you zip tie it. If this fixed your problem, click here.
No - (Abnormal) Click Here
*If the LED turns on, but then quickly goes out, it's possible you have a short in the 12v supply circuit. Refer to the 12v Accessory Wiring Diagram. When trying to identify a short, disconnect all the associated connectors. Connect one at a time until you find the circuit that trips the breaker. Once you've identified the circuit, troubleshoot that circuit.