Basic Troubleshooting

Verify the 12v accessory battery is charged

Connect a 120v extension cable to the Charge Port for 5 minutes. Operate the brakes again.

  • Is the brake light working?
No - (Abnormal) Click Here
Yes - (Normal) See probable issue below...


Issue: The 12v accessory battery is dead.

Solution: Leave the 120v cable connected to the Charge Port to fully recharge the internal 12v battery (3-4 hours).

Probable Cause: The 12v accessory battery can quickly drain over 48-72 hours if the Keyed Power Switch is left in the 'on' position (clockwise). When the bike is not in use, keep this key to the 'off' position (counter-clockwise).

Note: If the Keyed Power Switch is 'off', the 12v accessory battery will slowly drain over a 12-14 day period. This is normal. Please refer to the Battery Charging section of this manual.