“Fat Woody was never a business strategy. I just wanted a cruiser that allowed me to take my lifestyle with me - my tunes, my beverage, my life.

The name Fat Woody came long after I built the bike. In fact, the story is kind of funny…”

The story behind the cruiser…

While on vacation in Florida a few years back, I checked out one of the hotel’s fat tire bicycles. Now I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I’m on vacation, the uniform of the day is board shorts and sunglasses (and maybe a margarita if I can find one).

As I approached the bicycle, I first noticed there was no place for my margarita. I started to think this bike-ride may not work out, but being the type who perceivers through adversity, I did what anyone would have done and chugged it.

But my issues were just beginning. My board shorts had no pockets! Where can I put my phone? My room key? My wallet? Honestly, I was still pissed about the margarita!

Then it hit me… my Flux Capacitor moment. The vision of a cool, comfortable long range beach cruiser built around a cup holder. (Thought I forgot about that margarita.. huh.)

The story behind the name…

After building my new beach cruiser, the fiberglass body was a solid white color. It seemed really overpowering for a bicycle an in my opinion screamed motorcycle. Even if I changed the color, the look was not what the artisan in me was shooting for. I did however like the vintage style look.

That’s when it hit me. Wood! Break up the space with wood! Like the old school woodie cruisers of southern California’s surf culture!

I know… here’s where it get’s funny. Later that evening, my wife Lisa and I were sharing a bottle of wine and I was trying to explain my latest vision.

I think the part where I said “It would really look cool if I put wood on it, like an old woodie. And with the fat tires, it’s like a fat woodie.”

After a moment of awkward silence (and giggling), she said “I beg your pardon sir?”

And Fat Woody was born.