Common Operational Issues

Throttle Sticking

The thumb throttle should operate smoothly when pushed and return completely to the throttle off position.

⚠️  If it sticks in any way, do not ride the e-cruiser under power until the issue is resolved.

I have seen situations where temperature or other issues have affected complete spring-back to throttle off.

There are three (3) small screws that hold the throttle assembly on the handlebar mounting clamp. Rather than work on the throttle upside down, I find it easier to loosen the allen screw on the mounting clamp and rotate it upwards where I can see what I'm doing.

There is wiper-like arm that rotates on an allen bolt. Loosening this bolt can reduce tension on the wiper arm. 

In another case, I've seen the white conductive material (seen on wires) harden and get on the wiper arm contact area, causing friction in spots. Once cleaned off, all was good.