Common Operational Issues

What are throttle oscillations?

Throttle oscillations are a pulsing-power type feeling you might experience when accelerating. 

Why do they occur?

When you utilize preset limits to control current, power or speed, the Cycle Analyst implements several feedback loops that compare programmed values to actual measured values (e.g. configured speed limit vs. actual speed). The CA then attempts to correct the difference by adjusting throttle output to the motor controller.

The CA can make changes to throttle output very quickly. Sometimes, faster than the measured feedback. Simply put, the computer applies throttle on, then throttle off, and the process repeats.

These oscillations can be tuned through the Cycle Analyst gain settings. Basically, it dampens the computer's response or throttle output, so that adjustments are applied slower.

Tuning is typically accomplished by increasing the gain (of the associated parameter) until oscillations occur, and then backing it off slightly until they go away. You will need to enter the CA Setup Menu to modify gain settings.

Tuning Challenges

When you utilize multiple preset limits vs. a single preset limit, things can get a bit more complicated. Unfortunately, tuning multiple parameters at once is something of an art form.

The simple approach is to stick with a single preset limit parameter as shown above. In other words, limit power, amps, or speed, but not all three simultaneously.

That's not to say you can't do it, just be prepared to spend some time tuning, as they all inter-relate.

Tuning Multiple Parameters Simultaneously

The biggest challenge when tuning multiple presets is figuring out which of the three limits is causing the oscillation. To help determine which preset limit is causing the issue, the Cycle Analyst has a Diagnostic Screen that is easily viewed in User Mode.

On the lower left side