'Houston... we have a problem.'

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You turn the bike on and nothing happens. Frustrating? ... understandably so.

Expected? ... actually, yes.  At some point, that is likely to happen. It's all part of e-Bike ownership.


Troubleshooting your Fat Woody Cruiser

In an effort to help you quickly and easily diagnose issues with your e-cruiser, I have put together three sections relating to the type of problem you may be experiencing. Please scroll to the section below that best describes your situation.

✔︎  Section 1 - It's dead. Nothing happens when I turn it on and I don't know where to start.

✔︎  Section 2 - I think I know what might be wrong. I want to short cut to a specific troubleshooting section.

✔︎  Section 3 - It's an operational issue. It's working, but not as it is supposed to.

Section 1 - Start at the beginning...

This is essentially a simple-to-follow  'yes/no decision-tree' troubleshooting guide for isolating issues to a problematic component. 

Before you take the bike apart or transport it to your local service shop, let's start by verifying a few things. It's quite possible it could be something simple.


Basic Troubleshooting - Start Here

Verify the Keyed Power Switch is turned on (clockwise). Yes... this happens more than you might think. 😊

  • Did turning the key fix the problem?
Yes - You're good to go. Back to Table of Contents.
No - (Abnormal) Click Here


Section 2 - Troubleshooting Short Cuts

If you know where you want to go quickly, here are some quick-links to get you there in a hurry.

Electric Drive System