Operating your Fat Woody Kickstand

Never sit on the bike with your kickstand down!

Your Fat Woody e-cruiser has been fitted with a center support dual-leg kickstand that uniquely folds up to one side. Since electric bicycles weigh considerably more than a traditional bike, and  much of that weight has a high center of gravity, a side support kickstand doesn't provide a stable enough platform. The dual leg design provides a more stable platform by centering the bike's weight upright vs. leaning the bike to one side where it can easily fall over.

Builder's Note: Motorcycles carry their weight low (low center of gravity) with a massive engine. If the weight is carried high, most bike will fall over. Example: Putting additional cargo on a bicycle affects its balance. If you have a bag of groceries on a front or rear rack of a bicycle, and then lean it on its kickstand, it will fall over. Electric bikes have that same problem once you start strapping massive batteries to them (for increased range).

While its telescopic leg design allows you to adjust its height, the feet are lightweight plastic and are not designed to support the weight of the bike and its rider.

Never sit on the bike with the kickstand down or you will break it! While it can be replaced, the lower unit would need to be disassembled to get to its attachment bolt.

Operating the Kickstand

To operate the kickstand, stand on the left side of the bike. Put your left hand on the left handlebar grip and your right hand on the front horn of the seat/saddle. Using your right foot, push down on the kickstand until it starts to contact the ground. Continue to hold the kickstand down and with your right hand on the saddle horn, lift up and back to set the bike on top of the stand.

To retract the kickstand, stand on the left side of the bike holding the handlebars. With your right foot in front of the kickstand leg, gently push/roll the bike forward and it will retract back in place.

Important Note: Center mount kickstands work best on a flat level surface. They don't work as well on grades or inclines. Don't leave your Fat Woody in an unstable position where it can easily fall over and damage the bike.