Charging the Battery

120v Charge Port / Power Key Switch

120v Charge Port / Power Key Switch

120vac Charging Port

A 120vac charging port is located just below the seat on the right side of the bike. It is protected by a weatherproof dust cover that opens to accept any standard 3-prong power plug extension cord. Once connected to a 120vac power receptacle, all (3) three battery systems will charge simultaneously; Electric Drive System Battery - 50v, Accessory System Battery - 12v, and the on-board wireless bluetooth speaker w/internal battery (speaker will sound a tone and an LED will light).

You can easily check the 'charge status' of your drive system battery via the console LCD display, as it is your battery management system interface. You will need to turn the system on to get that information. Please follow the instructions below.



Builder's Note: Fat Woody is one of the only electric bikes that carries its battery charger system on-board. No need to lug it around with you like other electric cruisers. On my personal bike, I carry around a short 6 ft. extension cord wrapped up in my storage cubby. This enables me to charge 'on the go' at my destination.

Enable the Electrical Systems

Key switch enables/disables e-bike electrics

Key switch enables/disables e-bike electrics

Just below the charge port is a key switch. This switch is used to enable/disable the bike's electrical systems. It does not directly turn on the electrical drive system. The power button on the right side of the console does that. That said, the power button on the console will not activate the drive systems unless this key is turned on (clockwise). The rear LED brake light will operate when the key switch is enabled, independent of the master power button.

Important Note: When the bike is not in use, turn this key switch off. Left on, it will drain the 12v accessory battery (2-3 days max). The 12v accessory battery is used to power the LED lighting system and an on-board relay pack. If the 12v battery goes dead, the electric drive system will not operate. You will then need to recharge the 12v battery through the charge port.

Master Power Button

Located on the right side of the console control panel is the e-cruiser master power button. If the key switch is on, the power button turns on the electric drive system (LCD Display) and enables 12v accessory systems such as horn & lighting.

Be careful! The thumb throttle is now active and if operated, will jolt the bike forward.

When operating the bike, it's recommended that you don't turn on the electric drive system until you're safely seated on the bike and have a ready hand on the brake.

When servicing the bike, keep one hand on the brake and ensure the bike is up on its kickstand. Placing a small board under the kickstand will help by raising the rear wheel slightly during service.

Check the Charge Status

A graphical State of Charge (SoC) icon is located on the upper left side of the LCD display. It features a 'Hot Off Charger' (HOC) pixel at the center top that is set when the battery voltage is greater than 100% of the normal open circuit voltage. This elevated voltage is common, and represents only a small amount of extra usable capacity. Self-discharge will typically reduce battery voltage to normal levels after a period of minutes to days, preventing the HOC pixel from being set.

The remaining pixels show the actual usable 0-100% charge state and are extinguished one by one as the battery discharges.

In addition to the graphical SoC indicator for battery status, users can see exactly how many amp/hours remain in their battery pack on the applicable status screen.

When storing your Fat Woody e-cruiser...

I recommend leaving your Fat Woody e-cruiser plugged in when not riding it or stored. This will keep all the batteries fully maintained and ready for use. The battery pack on your Fat Woody has an internal BMS (Battery Management System) and can not be over-charged.

If you prefer, for peace of mind, you can leave it unplugged when not in use. The smaller on-board 12v battery will only hold a charge for 12-14 days (if the keyed switch is OFF), so you would need to freshen the charge of that battery for a few hours before riding. If the 12v battery is dead, the electric drive systems will not turn on.

Why does the 12v battery slowly drain? The 12v battery pack has an integral 'charged' LED on it which will slowly deplete the battery. It also has a switch to turn the battery off, but since the battery pack is located within the composite body, it is not viewable or accessible.