Bar End Handlebar Grips / Turn Signals

Your Fat Woody e-cruiser has been provided with Firefly grips, a product of RideOut Technologies. To operate the turn signal indicator, simply press the soft rubber button with your thumb. The flashing LED indicator will operate for approximately 30 seconds and then automatically turn off. If you prefer, you can turn off the indicator by pressing the button a second time.

Replacing the Batteries

Each grip is powered by its own AAA battery. To replace the battery, simply loosen the small bolt located nearest the light (2mm Allen wrench required). When fully loosened, gently pull the light straight off and you'll see the battery end. The majority of the battery is under a plastic cover. Roll back the cover and replace the battery. Reassemble the Firefly grips making sure to fully tighten the Allen bolt. Use LocTite thread lock if you can. This will ensure the bolt does not loosen over time.