Frequently asked questions

Are your Fat Woody beach cruisers for sale?

No. Fat Woody cruisers are handcrafted exclusively for my Beach Cruiser Experience.

Do you rent Fat Woody beach cruisers?

No. Fat Woody cruisers are handcrafted exclusively for my Beach Cruiser Experience. They are not available for rent, but we do offer private group packages.

Are Fat Woody beach cruisers street legal?

Yes. Fat Woody cruisers are a Class II Electric Bicycle (per California laws). They are both street legal and allowable on bike paths/lanes (unless otherwise marked). And like any bicycle, you can even ride them on California beaches.

How fast do they go under power?

Fat Woody cruisers are regulated to 20mph, but the Beach Cruiser Experience is much slower than that. Typical speeds are 5-8mph on bike paths and 12-15mph in bike lanes. That said, you don’t want to go through paradise fast anyhow. Go slow and soak in the beauty of our city.

What is the cruising range?

Approximately 40 miles at 10-15mph.

Are they hard to ride?

Fat Woody cruisers do require bicycling proficiency. Some riders take a few minutes getting used to the more recumbent riding posture. This puts a little more weight on the rear wheel (30/70 weight distribution vs. 50/50). It’s very comfortable and relaxed, but it does take a few minutes for some riders to get used to. But then they love it!

If its been years since you rode a bicycle, it might be advisable to polish your skills with a local rental bike.

Can you pedal Fat Woody beach cruisers?

Absolutely! Fat Woody cruisers are a single-speed beach cruiser. Pedal if you like, but the electric drive system will easily push you all day long.

Can my children ride them too?

If they are at least 16 years old and accompanied by a parent (who must sign their waiver). Otherwise, Beach Cruiser Experience policy requires riders to be at least 21 years old.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

California law does not require adult riders to wear a helmet on bikes under 20mph. That said, we recommend helmets for optimal safety, especially if your riding skills are rusty. But the helmets are super comfortable and pretty cool looking!

If you choose not wear a helmet, we will require an additional signature on your waiver indicating you were offered the helmet, but decided not to wear it. 16-21 year olds must wear a helmet per BCE policy.

Can I wear flip-flops or sandals?

Yes. That said, if your riding skills are rusty, we recommend shoes for optimal safety.