fat woody fabrication shop

As I stated previously, Fat Woody Cruisers are not mass produced. There are no economies of scale. I'm an artisan builder with a small shop, building only a handful of bikes each year. Small, customer focused, and personable. I like it that way.

a little about me

I was an electrical systems engineer for over 20 years until I had the great privilege of becoming a stay-at-home dad in 2006. I've been married to my wife Lisa for 25 years now and we just recently relocated to the San Diego area. As our daughter has grown more independent, I've found myself with a lot more time on my hands. A couple years back, I began creating the first Fat Woody prototypes and only recently began building 'personalized' cruisers to order.

my fab shop

My fabrication shop is actually located on our home property. Besides allowing me the flexibility to work from home, the reduced overhead minimizes expenses. Its a small shop, but extremely functional.

I build (5) five cruisers at time.



Shop Shot 09.jpg