designed for fun and relaxation

When people first see a Fat Woody Cruiser, they ask themselves. Is it a  bike.. or a motorcycle? Bottom line, they love it!

Fat Woody is an electric motor-cruiser, merging the best features of electric bicycle, scooter and motorcycle.

Like a bicycle, it has pedals. At its core, Fat Woody is a single speed fat tire cruiser, but it's geared so you can easily pedal it.

Like an electric bicycle, it has a thumb throttle. From a dead stop or even while pedaling, the throttle will easily push you down the boardwalk, feeling like a gentle wind in your back.

Like a scooter, it has a lot more power/torque than an electric bike. Fat Woody will easily power up steep hills and then zip you to the beach at speeds up to 28mph. It also provides an optional street package - headlight, tail/brake light, turn signals and horn.

Like a motorcycle, it is ergonomically comfortable. The seat has been repositioned to a more relaxed riding position which also allows you to put your feet down without dis-mounting the bike. Like a touring bike, it includes a sound system, drink holder, storage and cruise control.


designed for performance

CAV3 Drive Combo.jpg

One of the advantages I have as a custom builder is the ability to select extremely powerful components. We've all heard the saying 'you get what you pay for'. This could not be more true when it comes to electric bikes.

The electric bike world is saturated with bikes that are fine on level ground, but incline the grade just a little and the drive system falls flat. That's not because they are necessarily cheap bikes, but rather the manufacturers are neutered by state/fed power limits on electric bikes.

Custom builders can use the latest, most powerful technology available. I designed Fat Woody with an ultra-high torque 2400 watt drive system. I had to. That's what it takes for steep hills!

That kind of drive system also requires a powerful battery. After all, you don't want to go up a hill once. You want that power all day long.

That kind of power is not cheap. But it sure makes for an awesome electric cruiser.

Fat Woody incorporates an electric vehicle management system that allows the rider to select between 'street legal' and 'off-road'. Basically its a small computer that allows me to program all the parameters of the Fat Woody drive system.

  • Programmable Max Speed / Max Power Attributes
  • Motor Hub Temp Sensor / Auto Power Roll Back

designed for long-life cycle dependability

Fat Woody Service Shop - Poway, CA  -or-  Mobile Service (SoCal)  

Fat Woody is a significant investment for anyone. While performance was my highest priority, it was closely followed by serviceability.

Every component used on the Fat Woody cruiser is an 'off the shelf' part, meaning replacement parts are easy to get.

Obviously I'm not referring to the fiberglass body components. Those are custom painted. I'm talking about the parts that will keep your Fat Woody on road - drive motor, battery pack and motor controller. Even brake pads. After all, electric bikes are heavy.

Of course you can get replacement parts from Fat Woody, its nice to know the parts aren't proprietary and hard to source.


Fat Woody Service & Warranty

While my business is pretty small, I take great pride in ensuring my customers are happy. Some live down the street, and some live across the country. I've given great consideration to Fat Woody service and technical support, both near and far.

Fat Woody cruisers come with a one-year warranty on all electrical components and parts (less tires, tubes, and brake pads). I also offer a full line of replacement parts that will keep your Fat Woody cruising for years to come.

If you are not in the SoCal area, I offer personalized telephone (and Facetime/Skype) service support either direct to the customer or their local bike shop. Yes, your Fat Woody can easily be serviced by your own local bike shop. I'm happy to work with them.

OM Manual Binder 01.jpg

Digital On-line: Owner, Operation, Service & Troubleshooting Manual

As a former Navy avionics tech and electrical engineer, I recognize the importance of documentation. From wiring schematics to step-by-step troubleshooting features, all available on this website (to you or your local bike shop). I even include several specialty tools with each cruiser. Tools you might not have in your tool box.

Mobile Fat Woody Service: Home or Business

For those customers in the San Diego / LA area, I'm even happy to offer mobile service and maintenance.

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