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fat woody beach cruiser

Custom Build Pricing

Fat Woody Custom Cruiser     $9,950.00

Includes choice of paint & finishes.

Optional Street/Lighting Package     $1,950.00

The optional street/light package adds a 12v Li Ion accessory battery system, relay pack, wiring, tail/brake light, headlamp, horn, dash buttons, and turn signals on the handlebar ends.

Shipping not included.

a hand-crafted process

Fat Woody body components are hand-laid fiberglass.

Thank you for your interest in my custom hand-crafted cruisers. First and foremost, let me acknowledge the impressive cost. To be honest, I wish they were cheaper for me to build. I just don't want to compromise on quality or materials. Decals and plastic just won't cut it.

Fat Woody's are an artisan creation, not a production bike. I spend over $4K on materials and about 80-100 hours of my labor ($6-8K) personalizing each bike for the customer.

Unfortunately, there are no cost efficiencies through 'economies of scale' production. I hand-craft each one with a rather simplistic approach. Use the absolute best materials and 'off the shelf' performance parts available and make it easily serviceable. After all, I was the first customer and I appreciate power, quality and dependability.


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Build Time

Approximately 8-12 weeks (from start date)

Many of the finish processes are coordinated with other specialists, so the time can vary.

The body goes to a professional paint shop to ensure the highest quality finish. Same for all the powder coat paint on the wheels, frame and other components. 

*Note there may be a wait on my 'scheduled builds' list.

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Build Process

When your build is officially scheduled, I work with you on color choices and options. Once selected, I put together a colorized rendering of your cruiser.

Once ready to pull the trigger, we'll put your order together and move forward on your personalized Fat Woody.

50% down is required when your parts are off to the paint shop (your custom colors). The remainder of the balance is due on delivery.