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Thank you for your interest in my custom cruisers. At this point, you're probably wondering.. 'how much'? I understand.

The short answer is, if I'm being honest.. they're not cheap. Custom built is synonymous with labor intensive. The labor is what makes a Fat Woody cruiser so beautifully detailed and crafted, but it's also what makes them expensive. So please allow me a little explanation...

Fat Woody is designed for those who want to ride something unique, powerful and stylish. They were never intended to be a cost competitive electric bicycle. They have way too many custom accouterments for the cost conscious buyer. Sure, we would all love to have the cool stuff at no additional cost, but the reality is the price may not fit into everyone's budget.

Each and every cruiser I build is custom crafted for a specific customer. They are not mass produced on some production line off shore. They are not built on some minimum-wage assembly line. They are custom handcrafted right here in the USA using the finest materials and skilled labor available.

The detailed craftsmanship invested into each cruiser represents over 100+ hours of skilled artisan labor, reflecting a sense of classic style and personal expression not offered on any other type of electric cruiser.

  • The premium mahogany and white oak woods are hand cut and finished with 8 coats of Epiphanes marine varnish (used on vintage boats).
  • The body components are not plastic, but rather lightweight composite professionally painted the same way custom motorcycle or car is painted. The highest quality base coat clear coat finishes are applied by professionals in their trade.
  • The lithium ion battery pack is highest quality and most powerful available. Every cell is individually fused to prevent any catastrophic events in the garage of your home.
  • The drive system is the highest torque, most powerful on the market. This type of power could never be imported from offshore because of Federal limits on e-bike power. Custom built here in the US has its benefits.
  • The LED lighting, brake lights, turn signals, and controls - horn, cruise control are the same quality found on any custom motorcycle.

Fat Woody's price point may not fit into everyone's budget

Fat Woody Creator - Ken McNeill

Fat Woody Creator - Ken McNeill

Here is my reality. Fat Woody motor-cruisers are not cheap for me to build. When the numbers add up, the price of my cruisers creep north of $10k.

I understand that there are many folks who could never rationalize spending that much money on what they see as 'just a bicycle', but the truth is Fat Woody is so much more than 'just a bicycle'.

"It's an impeccably beautiful piece of art on wheels with just about all the features of a motorcycle, but with all the benefits of a bicycle. There is nothing out there like it.. period."

If you're in the market for the most cost effective electric bicycle on the market, an offshore mass-produced box bike is probably a better option for you. However, if you have the means and you can appreciate a very special, powerful motor-cruiser, shoot me an email. I'd love to discuss your Fat Woody... well... you know what I mean.

Thank you again for your interest in my custom cruisers!

- Ken McNeill  -