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fat woody beach cruiser - custom hand-crafted for you

Thank you for your interest in my custom hand-crafted cruisers. First and foremost, let me acknowledge the high cost. Fat Woody cruisers are an artisan creation, not a production electric bike. They are not mass produced on some production line off shore or built on some minimum-wage assembly line.

I hand-craft each one with a rather simplistic approach. Use the absolute best materials and performance parts you can find. Spare no expense. Build an electric cruiser you would want to own yourself.

Unfortunately, hand-crafted is synonymous with labor-intensive. The detail I invest into each cruiser represents about 80 hours of my artisan labor. Add that labor on top of the most powerful electric bike parts and the 'build cost' is significant. For me personally, the cost is what it is. I understand that custom, powerful and unique typically comes with a price tag.

Each bike reflects a sense of classic style and personal expression not offered on any other type of electric cruiser. They are designed for those who truly appreciate uniquely crafted 'one of a kind' machines.

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  • The premium mahogany and white oak woods are hand cut and finished with 8 coats of Epiphanes marine varnish (used on vintage boats).

  • The body components are not plastic, but rather lightweight composite professionally painted the same way custom motorcycle or car is painted. The highest quality base coat clear coat finishes are applied by professionals in their trade.

  • The lithium ion battery pack is highest quality and most powerful available. Every cell is individually fused to prevent any catastrophic events in the garage of your home.

  • The drive system is the highest torque, most powerful on the market. This type of power could never be imported from offshore because of Federal limits on e-bike power. Custom built here in the US has its benefits.

  • The LED lighting, brake lights, turn signals, and controls - horn, cruise control are the same quality found on any custom motorcycle.



If you want to talk about your custom cruiser or have additional questions, please give me a shout.  Cheers!

- Ken McNeill     612.405.0430     sales@fatwoodycruisers.com