Fat Woody Service & Support

It's important to me to deliver the absolute highest level of service and support to my customers. I only service Fat Woody cruisers, and since they're not mass produced you'll find me easy to reach and laser focused on your issue. Like it should be.

My fabrication and service shop is located in San Diego, CA. If you can't get it here, I can either pick it up or offer mobile service (SoCal area only).

If you are outside the SoCal area, I offer personalized telephone (and Facetime/Skype) service support either direct to the customer or their local bike shop. Yes, Fat Woody can easily be serviced by your own local bike shop. I'm happy to work with them, or there is a specialized disassembly process in the Fat Woody service manual.

- Ken McNeill  -  sales@fatwoodycruisers.com  

Service Overview

As with any electric bicycle, your Fat Woody motor-cruiser is a little more complex than a traditional bicycle, and it will require routine maintenance and service from time to time. The truth is, anyone considering an electric bike is faced with this same questions.

Where can I take my electric bicycle for service if I don't live in SoCal? 

At its core, Fat Woody is a single speed bicycle, so your local bicycle shop won't see anything they're unfamiliar with. That said, a Fat Woody cruiser will certainly be something new to their shop. The good news is electric bicycles are more common today, so many bike shops are embracing the business opportunity, becoming more capable in this area of service.

Electric bikes are a bit more complex to service than a traditional bicycle.

New electric bike technologies are incredibly dependable, but they can make routine bicycle service a little more of a challenge. For instance, removing the rear wheel to fix a flat tire on a traditional bike is significantly easier than removing the rear wheel (w/electric hub) on an electric bicycle. Cable assemblies from the motor controller to rear hub must be disconnected to allow the wheel to be removed. It's not overly complex, just a bit more time consuming. This sort of thing just goes with the territory when owning an electric bicycle.

Fat Woody motor-cruisers are even more unique than the typical electric bike.



With its custom fabricated composite body, the Fat Woody motor-cruiser is truly unique in its design. It's easy enough to service, but disassembly can be a bit of a puzzle for those unfamiliar with its construction. Of course, underneath its beautiful skin there is nothing an experienced e-bike technician won't recognize.

To assist you or your local service shop in servicing your Fat Woody cruiser, I created an on-line owner's operation & service manual that details everything you need to know, from operation and routine maintenance procedures, to removing body components and troubleshooting e-bike systems.

It's not overly technical, but it is much easier with the step by step instructions. This area of the website is password protected, but once you're a Fat Woody owner, you'll have full access to it (as well as your service provider).


Warning: If you choose to have a bicycle shop (or any 3rd party) service your cruiser, please share this technical manual with them and INSIST that they adhere to it. If you don't, you are placing your cruiser at risk.

There are many warnings regarding procedures that may cause damage. By sharing the warnings, you have the basis for recourse action regarding any damage they may cause.


Fat Woody Warranty

Fat Woody e-cruisers come with a one-year warranty on all electrical components and parts (less tires, tubes, and brake pads). We also offer a full line of replacement parts that will keep your Fat Woody cruising for years to come. When you make an investment in a Fat Woody, we want you to have peace of mind.

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"I only build a handful of Fat Woody e-cruisers per year, so the level of personal service and technical support I give my customers (and their local service providers) is what differentiates me from other e-bike manufacturers. I don't have hundreds of bikes out there. My artisan bike shop is small and personable. I like it that way.
When you call for help, I pick up my phone, not an administrative assistant. Keeping in close communication with my customers is really important to me personally. After all, I designed their Fat Woody... I built it... I'll help to solve any issues that arise with owning one. Anything less is unacceptable."
Ken McNeill - sales@fatwoodycruisers.com